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David Gosling

Regional Coordinator North wales

My father was fortunate to have a succession of Jaguars as company cars and I fell in love with them. In 2019 I achieved my ambition of buying, what I believe to be, the last of the classically styled Jaguars, an X 100 convertible. The car had the usual XK issues with rust etc, but over 4 years I have worked around the car slowly getting them all dealt with and no feel I have a solid car.

We love driving around the fabulous North Wales roads with the top down and a couple of years ago we looked around for a club to join, found there was not an active one, so dipped our toes in the water and organised a one off meet for any local XK8 owners. We were somewhat amazed when we had 16 cars turn up, we had a great day out and picnic. This led to a discusion with a certain Ron Wood who came along on that drive and the XKCC North Wales Region was born.

David Gosling
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