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Scottish Gallery

XKs Visiting Loch Katrine, Trossachs
Out and about in an XK, wonderful life
Memory Lane at the Boness Museum
Photos to Enjoy
Photos from past outings.
Our Chairman on a Day Out
A Grand Day Out in Scotland
Jaguar Enjoyment in the Winter Time!
Sight from Hotel Door
2 Sept 2023
September 2023 on a visit to North Queensferry, ahead of attending the Scottish Torque Show at Broomhall House.
Arrival at the Station
27 Apr 2024
XKCC Drive It Weekend 2024
XKCC at Boness Station
27 Apr 2024
The 2024 Drive It Weekend in Scotland.
On the train ride Boness to Manuel
27 Apr 2024
XKCC Drive It Weekend 2024
Saturday Supper Time
27 Apr 2024
XKCC Drive It Weekend 2024
Drive it Weekend 2024
27 Apr 2024
Whilst the "official" Drive It Day in 2024 will be on Sunday the 21st of April, the Scottish Region will be arranging its Drive it Weekend for the last weekend in April 2024. It will comprise of a Gathering at a motoring / tourist related venue on Saturday, Apr.27.24 and a run-out to Lunch on Sunday, Apr.28.24. This means that you will be able to participate with only a single overnight stay if you are not local. Of course, if you are intending to travel to Scotland then it makes sense to extend your stay. To that end, the weekend will, at a minimum, look to welcome you from the Friday through until the Monday. There are full details available on the XKCC Forum Pages under "2024 Events". For those who want to explore further, advice and insight will be available. For more details as they emerge, email Jim Mann at
Sunday Lunch at the Atholl Palace
28 Apr 2024
XKCC Drive It Weekend 2024
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