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Independent Modern XK Car Club

The Jaguar XK Car Club (XKCC) is run by its members for its members and is dedicated to the enjoyment and preservation of the Jaguar XK/8/R/R-S/GT of Jaguar's X100 and X150 series grand tourers.  The Club has over 350 members situated across nations and regions of the UK yet maintains a friendly local focus through its regional groups.    The Club hosts regular events, both regional and national and tours in the UK and abroad.  Technical advice is accessible through our popular Club Forum.

We are delighted to have Ian Callum as our Honorary President.

(Former Jaguar Director of Design)

27 years of the X100 : 17 years of the X150 : 9 years of the XKCC

A Club, not a business!

Members' Area 

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