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The Jaguar XK Car Club (XKCC) is run by its members for its members and is dedicated to the enjoyment and preservation of the Jaguar XK/8/R/R-S/GT of Jaguar's X100 and X150 series grand tourers.

A club.  Not a business!

An unsolicited appreciation from one of our members


Dear David, 

Hope this finds you well. 

I am texting just to let you know that I have sold my XKR-S. 🥹 

It’s now on Hatfields Jaguar Shrewsbury site and auto trader. 

I decided to buy an F Type. 

I must say the welcome and friendship offered by the XKCC has been fantastic. I have been a member of other car clubs in the past but none has been so personal and caring as XKCC. 

This was my biggest regret in selling my car that I would miss out on such great friends. 

Hope to see you at some Jag events in the future. 



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