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About the XKCC

A Club, not a business!

Founded in 2014, the Club has over 300 members situated across nations and regions of the UK, yet maintains a friendly local focus through its regional groups.    The Club hosts regular events, both regional and national and tours in the UK and abroad.  Technical advice is accessible through our popular Club Forum.

Membership of the XKCC gives you access to our Club Forum, Trusted Traders, technical advice from our experts in the trade and our membership community, and of course our calendar of events and shows.

We are delighted to have Ian Callum as our Honorary President.

(Former Jaguar Director of Design)

27 years of the X100 :   17 years of the X150 :    9 years of the XKCC

For further information please e-mail

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Just £10 per annum.  Online payments are not yet available  

Please fill the form, and the Membership Secretary will respond to you.

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