XK8 to i-Pace

March 27, 2019

Member Nigel Robinson has swapped his XK8 for a Jaguar i-Pace. Was it the right decision? Should he be hauled in front of the committee?  Read the article here.



It is now four months since these two:



Were replaced with this:



Free charging at Cambridge services.  Took 45 minutes to top up to 80% by which time we had a coffee and a cake from the Patisserie Valerie there before continuing our journey.  Could have made our daughters without topping up, but would have then have to plug into her home before returning.




230 mile range is what the display shows.  Not 294 as advertised - because we have had a cold spell - uses more electricity to keep us warm at 23C when it's 3C outside.  Plus 'comfort' mode uses more than 'eco' mode there is also a low power mode with no hot water to washer jets, no heated seats, steering wheel, and no a/c.  Meridian sound system is very good, in eco mode does not use all the subs so that saves electricity and extends the range.  Plus preheating before use, plus many short journeys of less than 2 miles mean the 'guess o meter' shows 230 not 294.  Not to say enjoying 0-60 in 4.5 seconds is not the most economical of driving.  XKR 25mpg  urban cycle was more like 21 in real terms.

We always use the Jaguar incontrol iPhone app so Car is always nice and warm, defrosted, demisted when we get in.  Also gives remote locking, alarm, windows, boot and the small froot.  I was disappointed that to weekly check the fluid levels was awkward with panels and catches to unscrew until I found the app displays levels, tyre pressures and other data on the iPad/iPhone.

Auto steer with adaptive cruise (autopilot) is not the best on M6 Toll - lanes are slightly wider than M6 itself so the car drifts in the lane.  If the road markings are not clear, it wants you to take over.  Self parking is very fussy - car likes to go back and forward to get exactly equidistant between spaces rather than 'that’ll do'.

Used the flight tracker yesterday - car displays flight info if you are waiting for a plane and interrupts your music to tell you the flight has landed.  


In snow - amazing.




But then it is all wheel drive with latest Range Rover 4x4 technology.  Except better than one engine split through a 8 speed auto box because power is individual by direct drive in individual wheels.  Wading is same 22" depth as discovery.  Hill descent/ascent control great.