HPI Theft Guard

It's impossible for you to watch over your vehicle 24 hours a day; that's why HPI have developed HPI Theft Guard. They have embraced the latest innovations to provide you with the upper hand in the fight against car theft.

The HPI Theft Guard pack comes with a variety of security applications, combining to form a strong deterrent to any thief. Thieves know that marked property is much harder to sell-on and that the risks of being caught are significantly higher. You can be confident that the additional security will help to prevent your vehicle being targeted by criminals, giving you extra peace of mind.

HPI Theft Guard pack includes:


Almost invisible to the naked eye, each Microdot has your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) embedded. By applying the Microdots to your vehicle, including its valuable contents, you are significantly reducing the risk of it being stolen. It is virtually impossible to remove every trace of the Microdots which means not only are you making it difficult for thieves to operate, but in the unfortunate event of your vehicle being stolen the chances of it being recovered are greatly increased. The Microdots glow blue under ultraviolet light making it easier for police and authorities to identify the vehicle's true identity and subsequently return it to you.

Window Stencils

By etching your VIN into the windows of your vehicle you are providing another form of identification and, importantly, warning potential thieves that you have invested in additional security to protect your vehicle. It would be very time consuming and costly for a thief to have to replace the windows in order to remove traces of your vehicle's true identity. By etching your VIN into the windows you are reducing the appeal of your vehicle to a thief.

Alert Stickers

A key element of HPI Theft Guard is promoting the additional security on your vehicle. The Alert Stickers help to ensure that potential thieves are made aware of this and therefore decide against targeting your vehicle.

To get your customised HPI Theft Guard pack call 0845 300 8905

Contact Ron Wood for further details as they are in use on his vehicle.

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