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R A Jordan

I turned to write in 2009, as the other Robert Jordan Author now deceased wrote SciFi, I decided to use my initials R A Jordan to avoid confusion. On a two-hour delayed train journey from London to Macclesfield, I wrote a plot and synopsis for the first novel, 'Times Up'. (Book 1). Another murder and further intrigue are in the second book, 'England's Wall ,' ensuring the pages are turned.

I have attended two creative writing workshops at Oxford University held by the Sunday Times during the literary festival. That experience and the love of writing coupled with the 'strange*' happenings during the novels' writing has propelled me to write five books.

The initial thoughts came as the financial crisis was at 'full bore', giving fuel for the literary fire that was burning inside me. ('Laundry' book 3) The stories follow the fortunes and misfortunes of the Wall family throughout the first decade of the twenty-first century. Based in Cheshire's county town Chester, a county where I was born, I know well. The family business of the main characters of the books in civil engineering and, latterly, property development. I have been involved with activities during my forty-five years as a Fellow of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors.

'Cracks in the Wall' (book 4) enters a new realm of mystery and intrigue, with the abduction of a child and the financial crisis coming together to cause severe family and business problems. An arson attack on the old HQ building of the family firm puts the suspect in jail. It couldn't be Sandra's lover as they were in Spain together – could it?

Robert has used his experience in property, travel, sailing, and a love of classic cars to give credence to the plots. The fifth book 'Secret Side' has been published, like all the others on Amazon.

*Strange happenings: An example of one such occurrence was when I was visiting Chester and the River Dee footpath crossing close to the Chester Rowing Club House. A suspension bridge spans the river at this point. 'England's Wall' (Book 2) will explain why I needed to go there. With the name of the family involved in all the books being 'Wall', imagine my surprise when I found that the suspension bridge had been opened in 1917 by the then Sherriff of Chester' Alfred Wall'!!


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