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Coronavirus Guidance

The best way to keep up to date with your own area is via the Government link for England useful which enables you to input your own postcode.


The exception is Scotland, where you must refer to this link:


For restrictions in Northern Ireland, then refer to this link:

The tightest restrictions are currently in place within Wales and you can and out more information here:

Attenders at an impromptu car meet in London in January were all given fines for being outside without a good reason.

Financial Health warning regarding events this year

Many of the ads posted to attract classic car owners to events arise outside of the XKCC and other reputable Jaguar clubs.

Please be aware that some of the event organisers are putting in their Ts&Cs that there will be no refunds in the event of cancellation.

Whilst this probably conflicts with Consumer Law and the doctrine of Frustration of Contract, it may still result in extreme difficulty in getting your money back if the worst happens.

Let's take care out there.....

Regional Meets & Events

XKCC Events are cancelled or postponed.  The latest Government restrictions do mean that our regional meets, sadly cannot resume just yet.


The burden of responsibility on our volunteers is still too high, as is the risk to health from organising large scale events. Furthermore, the penalties for hosting gatherings that break the rules have been increased both for organisers and attendees.


In the meantime, keep in touch via the Forum,  our Social Media and your own local WhatsApp groups and Zoom calls.  

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