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In the beginning....


The XKCC was formed in 2014 to offer a Club for enthusiasts of the Jaguar XK series of grand tourers.  The XKCC is a properly constituted club run for and by its members directly.  There is no overarching business model or other dilution of members' funds.  With a modest annual membership fee, the XKCC has become a fast growing club over the last few years with new members stepping up to develop and support new regions.  This has resulted in well-run events and tours, both in the United Kingdom and Europe which have been very successful.

We are delighted to have Ian Callum CBE as our Honorary President.

How we keep in touch

The Club operates this website which will frequently be the landing point for first time visitors, as well as a separate website hosting our Club Forum.   News is propagated using two main channels; the Club Forum and local WhatsApp groups (WhatsApp is a free-of-charge instant messaging service which operates on smartphones, tablets and personal computers across brands).  Our major events are featured on this web site and in the Club Forum.   The Forum is also used to share and develop technical and other social matters to which every member is able to contribute.

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